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Bud  Clarke

Excellent Brooks,

Bravo ! I concur entirely.

This op-ed is the most honest, well reasoned appraisal of camera technology I have ever heard and how it relates to the photographer's objective.

However there is a wonderful product of all this relentless desire do upgrade in order to keep up with the latest gear and technology.

The used camera market. It is a dream come true

I was surprised to see bargains galore at the camera bodies that I could not afford at product release date ( and top quality glass too).

I could now buy at a fraction of the cost high quality lenses and full frame bodies ( with very low shutter actuations that are practically new - the price was so low that they I can buy several bodies - in order to avoid changing lenses.

This was perfect for me to carry out projects without the high cost to worry about. I could now focus on the imaging making knowing that a few years I had high end/flagship cameras and lenses.

Capitalism is good:that 18 month production cycle ,as it means if you are not in a hurry one can own multiple cameras to do your job.

Yes I agree it is the photographer's creative process. But if there is a pile of good gear (due upgrade mania), I will certainly check out the sales bin.

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