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Peter Gallagher

Brooks, I'm confused by this. After telling us for ages (forever?) that photographic art is narrative and conceptual you're now calling for 'heroic' images?!

Recently, in "Finding the Project" for example, you advise us to get over the stand-out image that's about nothing but itself and work towards a project that develops an idea in the viewer because... that's the essence of art as opposed to passing sensation.

Sure, you have some striking single images in recent editions of Koroko. But they're not the sort of image/subject that hangs over a mantelpiece and they're embedded in narrative (titles, personal reflections etc).

I see, too, that the entry form allows for image text. But it's not really the same thing. Your Kokoro singles are about your lifetime experiences. These entries will apparently be selected for being pretty pictures.

Have I misunderstood? Have you changed your mind?

Brooks Jensen

Peter, I know, we've been the "project" publication forever. It's not that we're against the single, heroic image, but rather that we felt there needed to be a balance to the discussion. Since almost everyone else promotes the "greatest hits," we've been the champion of the project. In the last four years of doing Seeing in SIXES however, we've had lots and lots of photographers wishing there was an option for single images. So, this year, after four consecutive years of 6-image projects, we thought we'd open it up to those who prefer the solitary image approach. Besides, I think this is going to be a simply stunning book of images.

Bonnie Lampley

Brooks - Is the theme truly "majestic"? If our photos are not majestic/spectacular/heroic will they fit your intent? I ask because my work would not be characterized as majestic, and I don't want to waste anyone's time (or my $) entering inappropriate photos. Thanks!

Brooks Jensen

Not "majestic." The title is "Magnificent." That opens the door to images that are not just pretty, but that celebrate what the planet is. Oozing mud, in my humble opinion, can be just as magnificent as a postcard sunset. Does that help?

Bonnie Lampley

Brooks - yes, that is exactly what I was wondering. Thanks.

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