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Peter Gallagher

There seems to be no other place to put this comment: Feed Back Review 004 ("Finding the Project"::http://www.lensworkonline.com/resourcelibrary/fbr/pages/fbr-004.html) is just brilliant. Really great!

It's the B. Jensen photographic philosophy in a pretty generous nutshell. The sort of stuff that only a publisher who has been editing a photo art magazine for 30 years can tell you about what works and what won't.

In the course of reviewing a collection of really nice images, Brooks offers some sharp insight into the difference between a great image and photograhpic art. He discusses how to lift your game as a photographic artist and why it's not about making stunning photos. He also comes up with some straightforward practical advice to get you started on the journey from "Assets to Art". This review is a gem!


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