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Jeff in RI

All good suggestions. The downside to adding more features is the additional complexity of menus and layers it takes to operate the camera properly. I recently purchased a Fuji camera and the printed manual is 288 pages! I've spent many nights working my way through all the menus and functions so I can feel competent using the camera in the field. It reminds me of originally learning photoshop or learning to play a new musical instrument.


On cameras I've encountered, the jpg preview is used to "view" raw files on camera, but is *not* saved at full resolution. This is the likely cause of the magnification issue you describe when shooting raw. However, in raw+jpg mode, the jpg *is* saved at full resolution and *can* be used to evaluate critical focus. If the jpg happens to be good enough, you can skip raw processing. If you don't want the jpg, you can delete it after it's served its purpose.

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