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Roger Hyam

Just discovered this podcast. Sounds great. Thank you.

I think you missed a trick in this one though.

When you talk of transparency you talk about being moved by the subject of the image then you change to being wowed by the skill of the photographer and get into an ego discussion but you jumped over the ability for the photograph, as object, to be what moves someone.

Pick up a Victorian Carte de visite and one is moved by the object. Both the subject and the photographer are important but incidental to this. A non photo-nerd looking at a Stieglitz equivalents print might love the photograph as image but not know the name of the photographer or think "these are fantastic clouds".

The making of a "thing" is becoming more important as merely taking and transporting becomes easy and ubiquitous. Every gorgeous landscape experience instantly shared begs the question as to why you bother.

Making an object which is beautiful in itself is always worthwhile.

I'm going on now...

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