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Heiko Trautwein

I don't quite get why you're seeing the piano player's act to produce music that connects to the listeners as an accomplishment but not your's to produce an image that connects to the viewers.
With the same argument stating the manufacturers of the camera, the software and the printer did the accomplishment you could say it was the composer of the music and the builder of the piano who did the accomplishment.
I believe I understood you wanted to convey the idea of primarily producing art for the artist's growth and not for the audience. But I think the comparison with the piano player did not help in that idea.


Peter Gallagher

Wow! Brookes, you are REALLY on fire in this essay and the next on "Take or Make". These are remarkable. Content, tone, audience: the pitch is perfect. This is one way your decades as a publisher as well as photographer pays off, I guess. Well done and many thanks!

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