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Ed Wolpov

Thanks so much for "Here's a thought...." Nice, pithy little tidbits that express some of my very own thoughts that were bouncing around in my head, but never had the notion to express them in writing or even verbally.

Dennis Humphrey

Short, sweet, concise. I love them!

Peter Gallagher

Concision is good. But Brookes is also very good at the 12min talk, that I imagine is more difficult to produce. I hope he doesn't give up on them. His recent reminder of Paul Harvey (whom I last heard in the early '80s when I lived in the USA) prompts me to say that Brookes has something of the same story-telling knack, with a touch, perhaps, of (less-sarcastic) Garrison Keillor. What a bonus that he understands photographic arts so well.

(BTW, be sure to visit the sites of the first two commenters)


Great tidbits, buy why video?

Brooks Jensen

Good question, two answers. Sometimes I will want to illustrate something, show a photo, book, or other prop. Second answer is simply that we want to distinguish this from our audio-only podcasts. Would it be useful if we posted the MP3 audios from these over at LensWork Online in addition to the videos?

Brooks Jensen

Peter, these will not replace the regular podcasts. We'll do both. This new format gives me a venue for quick things that don't require a full-length podcast.

Cheryl Slechta

Oh, I love these! They refresh me and rekindle my enthusiasm when I'm bogged down on my computer and need a breath of fresh air and inspiration.

Brooks Jensen

We've partnered with Vimeo to deliver these videos, so that should put an end to any buffering or stuttered playback. Thanks for your patience, everyone!


I really look forward to your thoughts. We do understand how much work you put into these videos and believe me it is appreciated. You really make me think. God bless you all.


I'd really love to consume these through my podcast app, which handles videos elegantly. Is there a public xml or RSS feed link somewhere?

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