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Mike Spivey

Another great inspiration. The Magic Bullet, also known as the Next Big Thing, is a perpetually moving target. It may actually be a magic bullet, but only until everyone has it. Then on to the next big thing. Time better spent finding a quality subject.
"The best way to make a beautiful photograph is to stand in front of something beautiful and take its picture." Mike Spivey .
(OK, maybe I read it somewhere or adapted it from a similar.)
I chase my version of the MB. I have gotten into night photography, then to nightscape, starry nightscape, milky way, milky way timelapse, and now, milky way video. Admittedly, I have invented none of them but have embraced them fairly early in their popularity. As each gains popularity, I have searched something else. In my defense, I have always strived to include an interesting foreground.
I noticed a tone in your voice when you said "presets". I think they are the opposite of creativity. However, they can serve a purpose. Since they may be a major source of money for a podcaster, possibly purchasing a set of presets could be a more palatable alternative to Patreon.

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