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Peter Gallagher

Hi Brooks,

Not a counterpoint but a different approach.

I agree with you that on-the-road accession of images is valuable. You are also right to say that the avaialabilty of high-bandwidth, ‘unlimited’ data internet connections is the weak point of a cloud-based accession/archiving strategy.

In my case, even if I can find good upload bandwidth, I have a large but capped data plan from my ISP in Australia. I don’t want to use the Cloud as an intermediary and I’m not attracted by Adobe’s apparent CC-oriented strategy.

An alternative that suits me better is to store the RAW images on my iPad. This needs a dongle & uploading from the camera used to be very slow. But it has speeded up with recent iOS releases and I expect once the latest gadgets with USB-C ports are in available, it will be very fast indeed. Once the images are on the iPad, I can use LR (LR-CC effectively) to categorize and rate images (I turn-off the ‘syncing’ to Creative Cloud). I also process a bit because I find that rating requires some ‘default’ processing (I try to use ‘expose to the right” so my RAWs often look washed out).

I started doing this just to have a ‘backup’ to my SD cards. But, as you say, seeing the images ‘full screen’ is a good way to identify/correct mistakes on-the-road so I don’t fall into a habit of making undetected errors for the whole trip.

When I get home I use the iPad like an SD card plugged-in to my desktop to import the images into ny LR Classic catalog, keeping the metadata with the rating, keywords etc.

Only 6 months ago I found the LR-CC (iPad) processing of RAWs was ‘disposable’. I reprocessed on the desktop. But recently I’ve found the iPad processing pretty good and I now keep the initial general processing in most cases.

Best wishes,


Peter Gallagher

Oh oh... Nope, I’m wrong here (above). I misrunderstood my own processes! Please ignore the previous post.

I have been using LR-CC on the iPad to quickly process and evaluate my images when travelling and I have been synching sleeted images back to my desktop LR Classic database. But the images have NOT been coming from LR on the iPad. They have instead been coming from iPad Photos storage. When I import them into LR Classic they have been re-processed by LR Classic on import using the default processing routines I have set up there.

It seems the XMP files that are created by LR on the iPad (containing the processing data) are synched only to Creative Cloud (i.e. by internet transfer) and do not transfer to the desktop via USB. I should have checked more carefully.


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