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michael wellman

I don't think there has been a time that I have disagreed more with one of your podcast till today. First, the author you site statement is based on a false premise. The function of art is not to give us an an enhanced or exalted view of reality. There may be some artist who try to attain this goal but most artist do not. Most artist are trying to give you their view on a subject or topic. They are trying to evoke emotions from the viewers thru their art.

I also didn't care for your analogy of the camera as "transportation device". The camera is a tool and for the most part has nothing to do with the final image that show to viewers. They have no idea if it was a digital photo or 8x10 contact print. It's the photograph that is the transportation device. In this case a photograph is NO different than any other form artwork. A photograph is suppose to elicit emotion just like any art form. Yes, it does have the advantage of showing you something that no longer exists. Whether it was taken yesterday in my backyard or 70 years ago in Yosemite. It is showing us something that no longer is there. But, this is not unique to photography. Mark Twains works can transport us to 19 century Missouri. LR Hubbard can transport us not only forward in time but to another universe light years away. The goal is the same for ALL art forms. The camera and photographer are not unique in this. If my photographs don't evoke an emotional response from you then you will not pay attention them and you won't remember them. I don't think there are any photographers (or artist) out there trying to promote a hyperreality or transport our viewers. We want emotion

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