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I am currently signed up with RSS to get your work. At present there is no way to distinguish a video podcast from an audio podcast. As an aside, the audio podcasts stopped playing a while back. Why not do something like: "Podcast 123A ..." for audio and "Podcast 124V..." for video?

Brooks Jensen

Thanks for the suggestion, but this is precisely why we set up the two RSS feeds. If you want the video separated from the audio, we suggest that you simply sign up for the video RSS and the audio RSS and cancel the original RSS that mixes the two contents. That way, each RSS feed will have in it only the content in the format that you are expecting.
As to the "not playing" issue, we're only aware of that for folks clicking on the audio here in LensWork Daily. There is some problem with Typepad's inline player that they are aware of and have told us they are "working on." There was a comment posted http://daily.lenswork.com/2014/11/podcast-887-fifteen-minutes-of-their-attention.html#comments that indicates the problem has been resolved, but I haven't confirmed that yet.

Henkki Zakkinen

Thank you!

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