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Scott Walton

Really nice. Love them! Great idea Brooks.

Cemal Ekin

Brooks, you have a very good idea in your hand and are executing it very well. Good to see the photographs and hear your commentary. That also helps me to agree, disagree, or remain indifferent to the comments/work.

James Sedwick

I, too, like the video podcasts; both types of podcasts work for me, where I'm looking at a fixed image in greater depth given your comments or the changing images in the video used in a way that help support your point. Keep them coming!

Ted Jerome

As always, I enjoy your audio podcasts--I play them exclusively in my car while commuting to and from work. This makes your video podcasts problematic, of course! So I haven't seen this week's set yet--I guess I'll have to watch them at home.


Nice feature, Brooks!

Warren  Jones

I was not sure at first, but then I realized it is sometimes nice to have a visual example to illustrate what you are saying, I think it works well.

vartkes peltekoglu

Video podcasts are a very unique contribution that improves my visual literacy. I put these podcasts right next to my copy of books by George Barr.

Henkki Zakkinen

I believe I wrote this before, but cannot find the comment any more. As much as I like the videos, wouldn't want to miss them, I don't think putting them onto the same channel as the audio podcasts is a good idea. Like Ted Jerome I frequently listen to podcasts in situations where keeping my eyes on the image is not an option. And I find it slightly annoying having to skip manually till I find the next pure audio episode.
That said, the videos as such are great. Not too long, which I appreciate. I always find hour-long podcasts difficult. So the format is chosen well.


Brooks Jensen

Thanks for the feedback. Today we instituted a solution — separate RSS feeds for audio only and video only, or you can just keep with our main RSS feed for all the content mixed, regardless of format. With three RSS options, you can choose just the content you want on the devices of your choice. Hope this resolves any frustrations!

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