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Jeff Morley

As always, its about the photographer, not the camera.
P.S. I'm having podcast withdrawal symptoms, BIG TIME.


I'm just as surprised and delighted today as the first day that I got the GM1. Not only is it convenient to carry and use frequently, I have numerous images taken with one hand while the other hand is occupied, and burst mode makes an important difference there.


BTW, whether we have the time or opportunity to shoot 219 frames to get something like we see here or not, there's no question that it's worth doing.


You should see all the discarded frames from HCB contact sheets. I think "Decisive Moment" refers to something external to the camera and the photographer, in the real world things getting together just right. If you happen to catch it, it becomes your capture of the decisive moment. In that sense, you DO have a decisive moment captured in her delightful expression.

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