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Very cool, Brooks! Cute as can be.
I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :-)


This camera looks good BUT no viewfinder! I guess I'll stick with my Fuji X-100 for now.

Brooks Jensen

I know what you mean about the viewfinder. I thought the same thing when I purchased the Panasonic GF1 years ago. It didn't have a viewfinder either, so I purchased the viewfinder accessory to go with it. I used it a few times, but very rarely. In fact, I didn't even take it with me to either Japan or China because I just knew I wouldn't use it. I've also never used the viewfinder on my other M4/3 cameras. Perhaps this is a leftover from the fact that I was never a 35mm camera user, but always had view cameras. Just never got used to the idea of holding a camera to my eye. I'm sure I won't miss the viewfinder on the GM1, but I can certainly understand why this would be a dealbreaker for some. The dealbreaker for me on the X100 and X100s was the fixed lens. I guess another great example of "To each, his own."


"The dealbreaker for me on the X100 and X100s was the fixed lens. I guess another great example of "To each, his own."

Yes, the fixed lens on the x-100 is limiting.

With just the LCD as your "viewfinder" how do you deal with bright ambient light?

I think part of my resistance to using the LCD as my viewfinder is that I then look like every other tourist, holding the camera/cell phone at arms length. I'm a "serious professional" :)

Brooks Jensen

So far anyway, I've not found the ambient light a problem with my other cameras — but they have tilting LCD screens. I'll have to see how this one pans out without one.

Most of the time when I use this type of camera, it's photographing people which, for me, is more often than not indoors rather than out in the bright sun. It will be interesting — as it always is with a new camera — to discover if it is a solution or a liability.

I was particularly pleased with some of the ISO3200 and even ISO6400 test shots I was able to download and play around with. Panasonic has apparently worked hard to limit the noise that so often plagued earlier generation cameras. I'm visualizing ISO3200 with the f/1.7 lens as a great candid portrait combo for my work, especially while traveling. I'm stewing on a trip back to Tohoku next fall and as a travel camera, it sure sound intriguing!

Brooks Jensen

And, BTW, I thought all "serious photographers" used a wooden tripod while perched on top of their Travelall, dark cloth over their head, doing warp core Zone System calculations while the light faded and the moon rose. Over Hernandez.

But, I might be wrong about that. :-)

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