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Bob Dein

So, what are you doing with your spare time? ;-)


I have read Steven Keen's books recently : the Cult of the Amateur and Digital Vertigo.

And I must say I like your pod casts; you do them better than most amateurish imitators out there -- these pod casters take lousy well worn; tired photos that masquerade as meaningful art, and let alone write a good solid paragraph of critical review.

I noted with laughter, your earlier review of Brandt's work -- you said : "that you did not get it ". At first it seemed like Napoleonic tirade from your high horse -- you reacted emotionally to the stupid prices collectors were paying for his prints. You did not really explain why you do not like his work

As it happens at Moma there is a Brandt exhibition : "Shadow and Light"

I am interested to hear if your opinion of Brandt's work has changed ?

Perhaps it has, as people change over time.

It sounds like a good idea for you to visit exhibitions ( where it is practical of course ) and say a few words in your blog -- you can keep your readers informed about what you think of certain works or photographers.

Your work Brooks is never finished, so keep writing and commenting in your pod casts as they are very useful to the public at large.

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