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Barry Styles

Studying the lives and works of the old masters being a passion of mine, I regularly haunt our local Half Price book store. As luck would have it, this past Friday I picked up a copy of the 800 page edition of Camera Work. Since it was published in 1997, it bears only the ISBN-10 number. The 552 page version is designated as a 25th Anniversary Special Edition, and published in 2008. Not sure of the differences between the two, unless the subtitle is a clue; "The Complete Photographs" vs "The Complete Illustrations 1903-1917". Is it possible that the former contains only reproductions of the photographs, and the latter contains reproductions of paintings and other types of work in addition to the photographs (along with reproductions of several ads)?

Michael J Carl

Brooks, I also have the 552 page edition. Look through it every so often for inspiration. Barry is right about the two editions. The larger edition includes all the illustrations not just the photographs. The larger edition also includes Stieglitz's essays on the artists and an essay by the editor. The problem with the larger edition is the weight. Its one hefty book. Wouldn't mind an epub edition just for the essays.

Happy Holidays to all the staff and supporters of LensWork.

Sam Fara

I too have the 800 page (copyright 1997) version, but my ISBN is 3-8228-8072-8. The difference could be this version has "Selected key texts on avant-garde photography and fine art," and artwork and photography as Barry Styles suggested and a very nice multi-language introduction by Pam Roberts.

Just with a quick flip though the book, I found chemical formulas and an interesting article on straight versus modified prints that was originally published in the Amateur Photographer, London. - some things don't ever change.

It was the best $9.99 I ever spent.

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