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Joseph Holmes

Doesn't your definition result in Thomas Kinkade being declared Great Art, and Rod McKuen being declared Great Poetry?

That said, I'm not sure it's even possible to come up with a waterproof definition of art. Which ultimately leads back to unsatisfying I Know It When I See It.


All of your [or my] work is Art. Just need to have someone else confirm it! That's the story, someone else's confirmation. I've been struggling with this for so long, always just think I need it. So, so bad. Ok, not really. I'm good with what I have produced, just jealous of those who have passed the test of the arbiters. Maybe... someday?


so art is democratic? then which is greater art? Mozart or Beatles?

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Which implies that art cannot be objectively identified as art, because it is only defined in terms of itself. So if someone considers something art, then it is, for that person.

Frank Kolwicz

This is my working definition, too.

I once said, in those dark days of text-only internet (!) on an art-related user group or bulletin board, something to the effect that what we do is send our work into the future and, if it survives, it may become "art". I mean the distant future, not the week after next. Do your job, die and it may become "art" in a hundred years or so, unless you are extremely lucky. Instant gratification is not in the picture.

"Supplicate"? I think you mean "subjugate".

Ted Griffith

Don't we first need to start with the definition of what is 'art'? Once we have that nailed down, then we can consider if something meets the criteria to be considered as art. And I think that the definition will always be subjective. In an episode of "Star Trek- the Next Generation", Worf is describing what he calls pounding dissonance, to which Riker replies, No that's Jazz!

Frank Calidonna

Mozart or the Beatles? I think you will find that both have millions of people who love, appreciate and follow their work. I am not sure I can define art to anyone's satisfaction, least of all mine, but I do believe that craftsmanship and skill play a role. I think comparing Mozart or the Beatles to others in their genre would be more useful in determining the Art or non art of a practitioner of a particular creative pursuit.
There is an interesting article in Slate Magazine today on just this subject. Especially in the comments section.

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