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Vibhakar Jariwala

Thanks to the person who took the time to aks the question.
Thanks a million to Brooks for such a down to earth advice.

For me the only other question is how to decide if the pictures I am doing are snap shots or some thing worth while?

I aways wanted to ask Brooks, when does a photograph becomes a work of Art and who decides.

Brooks thanks again.

Floyd Summerhayes

Couldn't agree more with the answer, my wife and I enjoy walking mainly in the countryside. Last year for a change we started travelling up to London and doing a monthly walk around various parts of the city. Each time photographing things of interest along the way. Its not just learning about photography its the people you meet, the history and stories of the things you've photographed. After the first couple of walks all sorts of ideas for small projects started to develop.

Scott Jones

One person once told me "You can either go to heaven or go to the lecture abaout heaven" I can never forget that quote. Substitute any word for "heaven". It is so easy (for me at least) to always go to the lecture to "leran" new things. So much easier than actually picking up the camera.

Thanks Brooks for the kick in the pants. I am starting this afternoon with an idea I have no idea whther it will be any good or not, but dang it, I just gotta get going. I like the idea of one year to unplug from all the learning and just produce. Perhaps with the aid of scheduling with a calendar.

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