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Robin Scanlon

I think Blurb is mediocre at best. I find it frustrating that customer service is automated for the most part. They use several facilities to print so there is no consistency in quality/color.

Cemal Ekin

If you can live with no hard-cover option, MagCloud's print quality is better than Blurb I think. I have written several posts explaining a workflow, including soft and hard proofing, to get the best output from this service. See:

Mark Matheny

So what options are we left with?

I read this post late last night but wanted to think it over before I responded. I have a current project that is somewhere in the middle of completion. When I first thought of the this project my idea was to use ODP such as Blurb to create a limited number of books and give them out as Christmas presents (for 2012), and if I liked the results I would discuss things further with the organization that the project is based on. As it has taken longer than expected it will probably be used for Christmas 2013. But beyond that, I’m becoming more satisfied with the results of the project, and less confident in the thought of ODP. I’m quite sure a Folio type finish to the project would be wonderful, but sending each piece out to a fine art printer would increase the cost substantially. I am not a printer nor do I ever expect to be. I currently use a fine art printer who has printed a few images from this project with fantastic results, but again to have 15 or so pages per folio could become quite costly.

Unfortunately there are hundreds of questions to ask, (which is one of the great things about creating a project in the first place), that can’t be answered here. This is a tough spot for photographers who are not considering traditional publishing, but have higher expectations than ODP can provide.

Thank you

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