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Franz Amador

Could you speak to the advantages of a grad ND filter over HDR? For a rapidly changing scene, the multiple exposures required for HDR may not be possible, but otherwise it seems to me that HDR renders grad NDs obsolete.


Brooks: you might consider a sling style pack. Unlike a backpack, which for me is hard to get on and off and has to be set down into the dirt to access, a sling style pack allows quick access without removal. I have also found a messenger-style bag works well.


Count me in on the HDR and messenger opinions

Joe Lipka

If you would like some more lessons learned from this trip, click on over to my blog (shameless plug) to see what I learned.


John Driscoll

In one of your posts in the past your were experimenting with a mono pod and lend vibration reduction to get sharp pictures. Did you try any of this time? I am not sure if I saw a post where you gave an analyst if using the monopod with camera or lens vibration reduction worked well for you.

John Driscoll

Oops, doing a search I found you posts that gave me the information I needed.

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