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Although his work is not exclusively in black and white, I would consider Guy Tal to fit your description. See his website: http://guytal.com/gtp/index.jsp.


I totally agree with Doug- Guy Tal is the one. He lives in Torres and photographs right in the Escalante/Capitol Reef area. His images are focusing on details, rather then showing sweeping vistas. They are also very thought through, mindful almost- which is how he approaches his work. He has both color and black and white portfolios on his web site. Well worth taking a look.


Guy was very gracious and hosted us for a day of travel into Boulder Mountain in his 4-wheel drive truck. It was a great day filled with conversation and inspiring views. Thankfully, we had a few moments before our trip to look at his work. He is so fortunate to be able to live right in the area and photograph whenever he wants — and it shows in his images! Definitely worth a look at his website for anyone who is not familiar with his work.


Aha !

This is more like it Brooksy.

Finally you have come to your senses, or perhaps you have seen the light of day.

Exploring and shooting in your own " backyard"; which I am sure you will find, has a vast unexplored rich field of visual content than your recent expedition to Mongolia.

Collect $200 and go past GO

well done.

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