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Markus Spring

Well spoken. Maybe it's a question of (my) age, but this photokina's news leave me colder than any other before. Fully aware that I still do not really master what I do have, I seem to have finally gotten that this wouldn't change with "something even better". Not good for the manufacturers of all those precious new and shiny items, but - opportunity cost wise - for me.


Yes, it's very enticing to get caught up in all the new camera foo. Some great products out there.

The new Sony RX1 is appealing to me. As is the new Leica M .. A very solid and full featured update to the M9, which I'm already very happy with. Both are simple and direct kinds of cameras. Not much else tickles my fantasy much so I'm not wasting much time looking at other specs.

My photo budget includes much more money to fund going places and making photographs rather than buying more equipment. As it should be. :-)

Equipment is transitory. Photographs endure.

Jeff Morley

Nikon D-90, about a hundred years old in 'product-cycle' years. Just fine for me.
Just bought a Sony NEX-5N with the kit zoom, and a Sigma 30mm lens. Smaller, lighter, pretty happy with it so far.

But now, suddenly....I'm thinking 'a second body' (another NEX-5 or 7) would be a worthwhile purchase.

Thanks a lot, Brooks. :-)


Another rambling Brooks diarist entry that leads to no where...

Leave out opportunity cost and focus more on photography. Let the Washington ruling class figure out the opportunity cost of a $17 trillion debt situation that stuffed up the World Economy ...

Now lets follow your logic about opportunity cost in Photography

Not long ago you photographed a Welder at your local Naval Dockyard

You spent many days --or was it weeks ? shooting 300 frames to get that elusive shot ( really that many ? -- professionals get the shot right in about one in five ; was it bad lighting ?: use light modifiers and flash; was it composition ? : use image design and color. Did you plan the shoot? -- if you had, you would of gone in and shoot at maximum , say 10 frames )

So where is the opportunity cost in all this ? -- since you are genius
and can cost and price every photography activity

If you shot 10 frames and got the job done, you could of had more time to :

1) have a meaningful discussion with you wife; taking her out to a nice dinner

2) studied Beowulf in the first folio

3) challenged yourself by learning ancient Greek or Latin

4) And listened to more Glen Miller, Joni Mitchell and Led Zeppelin

Do you see how vapid and stupid your idea is when you apply opportunity
cost to photography projects ?

I am waiting for Podcast 1000 - quantum mechanics and photography; how you rationalize for what has no reason or connection in your ever pursuit in the structure of creativity.

Keep at it !

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