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Well said. It's the experience in its entierty that counts - workflow if you will. Anything that impares overall workflow efficiency, IMHO, needs to be looked at very critically. Similarly anything that will enhace the flow should be evaluated and in all liklihood adopted, cost and implementation factors etc. taken into account.

Cygnis Media

thought I'd give readers a heads up -- I just looked into buying a tablet and considered the Kindle HD, and the Nexus 7, but then found another brand new model that was introduced this week that overall has a few major pluses it seems over any other budget tablet out right now –and it's priced at $189 – it’s the Novo 7 Flame by Ainol Electronics and it includes a dual core cpu, has the same type of high quality screen as the Kindle Fire HD, has two cameras – a 2 MegaPixel front Webcam and a high quality 5 MegaPixel rear cam for Photos/Video with Auto Focus & Flash. It also has a Micro-SD slot, a HDMI port with Full HDMI 1080p HD (the Kindle only offers 720p) and – it also offers an option for 3G -- it's really a much more complete package over the Kindle Fire HD -- right now it seems the only place in the US it's available is a site called TabletSprint - it's definately worth looking at and comparing...

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