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Brooks: When using RDP over the internet (as opposed to a local network), how is the lag when using Lightroom?


Keep in mind that Lightroom on your desktop computer is clipping along at whatever speed you normally get at home. The only thing that is getting transmitted to your remote location is just the screen display data. Essentially, instead of your computer sending the video data to your desktop monitor, it sends it over the Internet so that you can see it on your remote device. With this in mind, you can see how three factors will come into play: the speed of your Internet connection at home, the speed of your Internet connection wherever you are in the world, and the amount of data that is being sent - that is the color depth you choose to have transmitted to your remote computer.

On this last one, if you find the displays to slow at 32-bit, you can throttle that back to 24-bit color depth and speed things up a bit. I suppose there's no reason not to throttle it back even further to 16 bit color depth if you need to, although you'll probably get some banding in the smooth gradations. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with the actual image data but only what you are seeing rendered on-screen.

In my experience it's the remote Internet connection that is the bugaboo. Hotel Wi-Fi connections are notoriously slower than snails on Quaaludes. If, however, you can get a decent Internet connection on the road, my experience is that it feels pretty much like sitting at your desk at home. Pretty amazing stuff, actually.

Terry McDonald


It seems to me that the few pounds of added laptop weight will far outweigh the connectivity issues and computer gymnastics you must go through to do all of this remotely on a 7" screen. While I' commend your pioneering spirit, I'll be laptopping it for a while until tablets become more powerful and fully integrated without all the extra kerfuffle.

Good luck, Brooks. I do hope it works out for you.


How did this setup work out for you? I'm traveling soon and thinking of having a similar setup.

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this example of the type of security benefits vDTs can provide, a debate continues as to whether or not virtual desktops are on a whole more secure than their physical counterparts.

nick g

About to embark on something similar, sorry to resurrect the discussion, but did you find that shortcut keys and such for windows apps were working when you used them on the bluetooth keyboard? ctrl+s etc for saving

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I still have my old Nexus 7 I will definitely try this out. Thanks a lot for all the references and informations.

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That would be a great experiment. Do post about how it went.


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