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Jeroen Mentens

I totally agree.
This charger is great and worth its price.

Bob Egan

Thanks for the info. The placement of the posting is ironic. Is this your solution to advertising (not for yourself) in a 'commercial free world'?

Chuck Kimmerle

Not sure how you consider this advertising, Bob. It's nothing more than a first-hand endorsement of a product that many will find useful.

Brooks Jensen

How silly of me not to see the juxtaposition of these two posts. Totally disconnected in my mind. I guess, perhaps, I've always adopted the premise that word-of-mouth advertising is not really advertising. I like Chuck's term "endorsement." I think of it as simply passing along experiences that might be useful to others who have not had the direct experience. I don't know, perhaps this is the "advertising" of our times. I do spend time reading such things — like the reviews over at Michael Reichmann's site. For some reason that just doesn't feel like subjecting myself to advertising — at least not in the traditional sense. Perhaps it's because I'm in charge of when I allow the information in.

Bob Egan

Don't get me wrong. I didn't mean anything negative in my comment. I too much prefer word-of-mouth 'advertising' from like-minded people. I just found the juxtaposition humorous. Please continue with the word-of-mouth endorsements.

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