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John Edwin Mason

Here's a Tumblr I think you'll like. The Lively Morgue, from the New York Times' photo department. Not necessarily profound, but usually fun and always interesting:


Brooks Jensen

Thanks! Very fun. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

Bill Irwin

Brooks I'm on your side. My photography started in a darkroom 40 years ago and today I work full time as a photographer, although now my prints are made with an Epson 9800 via Imageprint on some truly beautiful papers. The print is the culmination of an image, nothing less really works for me. I find it sad that for so many people, photography is a few messy pixels on a (non-calibrated) screen.

I am a little worried about my schizophrenic approach to quality though. My main working gear is 5DMk2 plus lots of primes, but I'm about to jump in to some Phase One MF gear in search of 'more' - however at the same time I find myself spending much time with Instagram on my iPhone! I rationalise it as 'visual push-ups', exercising creativity without any technical thoughts, but it does seem odd that I'm concurrently drawn to both extreme ends of the quality spectrum.

Jim Bullard

Well, I'm older than you and I am actually wearing a sweater vest as I type. I've looked at it and it seems to be a blogging site. They don't charge and they don't put ads on the sites. That makes me wonder how they pay the bills not to mention the staff of 95.

I really have to wonder what the fuss is about. I asked my son (a computer game programmer and very savvy tech person) "What's the real difference between 'instant messaging', 'texting' and 'email'? Aren't they all just text messages delivered instantly via the Internet?". Answer: Yes!

It seems to me that blogging is blogging. You take a photo, write something, etc. and put it up on the web for other people to look at. I could post to Blogspot from my email or my cell phone if I wanted (I don't). I could add video or audio (podcast) but I don't. It really is all about what system is "hip" at the moment. I was never hip.


It will probably take them a while but eventually they will catch up to your old guy-ness. In fact, they will surely reinvent some of the photographic genres and themes you love best. They'll call it retro or some hipper synonym for the word.

In fact, they will probably "discover" you some day and then you'll "become" somebody.

Godfrey DiGiorgi

For some of these sites, I don't think I was ever that young. That said, I'm content with who and what I am, so all the stuff I don't understand I let pass without regret.

Kathy Eyster

I've never visited Tumblr, but I have been invited (via Facebook) to join Pinterest. (haven't yet) I'm wondering if you've checked this out? It's supposed to be a virtual bulletin board of people's favorite photos.

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