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I had a Quick Question. I find that when i use RDP or its equivalent. There is drop in quality of images (color depth) and also the the whole experience is very choppy.

Clearly I need more bandwidth.

Could you tell me what kind of a bandwidth you were working on?
And also if you let me know if you too face a drop in quality (image fidelity and color depth) when you use RDP.

I need to do very precise color correction from a remote location on a very large number of images.

Brooks Jensen

As I understand it, RDP indeed uses a limited color depth to reduce bandwidth requirements. .It would not be a good choice for doing critical color corrections. Besides, there is another issue that complicates things even more -- monitor calibrations and icc profiles. At the remote location, you will be seeing a video signal intended for a different monitor using a profile appropriate for it. By hijacking the video signal for RDP, you have no way of assuring that your viewing monitor is giving you anything close to accurate color -- at least not close enough for critical color correction.



Alex Nicco

Thanks for sharing

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