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Andy Garcia

Well, if you look at several episodes of Star Trek TOS, Captain Kirk uses a writing instrument to sign orders from his Yeoman on the bridge. Perhaps the technology will reverse, or is it that the future was changed due to the Romulan Nero going back in time, or.......geeez, who can keep track? Anyway, agreed on T'Pol....:).

Chuck Kimmerle

That would be like Lenswork #702

Brooks Jensen

I can't decide if that funny or scary.


My favorite is when they visit the 1980:s and need at computer to communicate with Enterprise. They walk into to a computer store and says "hello computer" to the original Mac. The salesman shakes his head and points at the mouse, so they pick up the mouse and speaks into it as if it was a microphone. Then they are told to use the keyboard. - Obviously the mac could communicate with Enterprise even if it didn't have ethernet nor wireless...

Glenn Guy

I can remember Captain Pickard on Star Trek: The Next Generation viewing reports on iPad like devices. Similar events occurred in other Star Trek shows, though my memory is vague when it comes to the original series. Similarly, Babylon 5 had one scene where the Captain was overcome with reports (iPad-like devices, not paperwork).

Life does imitate art, its just that it sometimes happens more quickly than predicted. I guess the designers on sci-fi shows need to introduce such devices in a way that appears futuristic, yet not totally implausible. I guess a few flashing lights made Mr. Spock's panel seem pretty hi-tech back in the 60's.

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