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Dave Ciskowski

I figure that the time I now spend worrying about a new camera body is much less than the time I used to spend worrying about cameras PLUS film PLUS developing. Seemed like there was always a new emulsion, or one being retired, or a new development process that I'd want to consider. That's at least a small consolation.

Chuck Kimmerle

Can't wait to hear the podcast.

Franz Amador

Aw, c'mon. How can you go on about the next new tablet and then poo poo interest in a hot new camera?

Gary Hamer

Ouch... but I do have to agree that the blogs were at a feverish pitch leading up to (and after) the announcement. It has been discussed ad nauseam.
Brooks, I must admit, your unique perspective and careful analysis above is like no other I have seen on the web... which I expect is why many of us keep coming back to your site:-) Oh yes, I am one of them (to a degree) and expect I will buy a 5D Mark III some time down the road.

Vitali Prokopenko


Nick Van Zanten

Thank you Brooks, as I was scrolling through my RSS feeds tonight, bored to death with the "new" news, I headed over to LensWork Daily for some relief only to see your heading "Canon 5D MkIII" my heart sank, but I loved every word you had to say about it.

Thanks again, keep up the good work.


I wonder how long it will be before the forums are full of posts like "What do you want in the 5D mklV?".

Markus Spring

Thanks! It certainly is a luxury problem, but thanks God we have reached a landmark where most cameras are "good enough" and we can create without having to look first if and how technology is limiting our process and figuring out how to circumvent those obstacles.

Markus Spring

Oh yes, and I do appreciate that you did not remove the comment about the "Nike Foamposites". It translates extremely well to the camera hype on some websites.

Godfrey DiGiorgi

Yawn! Stretch! Wha' happened?
Oh, Canon announced a new camera. I'm sure someone else will tomorrow too.

Has someone made coffee yet?

Frank Field

Looking at the Mark III compared to the Mark II, one quickly sees the challenge the Canon, Nikon, et. al., really face. We are truly well out on the performance curve and each new camera brings ever small increments of improvement. The situation clearly was different five to ten years ago when each new model brought a step-function improvement in capability, washing away limitations of digital photography. Given the mature state of the technology, your response is absolutely right on target, Brooks.

John Kobeck

LOL Im still shooting my my Hasselblad 501CM


Here you go again, but then can a leopard change its spots ?

a blank spaced blog; wow! -- like the fog in your mind ???

Oh I get it, it is for us to fill in the blanks or perhaps help you connect the dots -- very funny and very predictable

You know that empty vessels make the loudest sound, so get off your "35 mm film" soap box.

Seems you are forever stuck in the 35mm film mythology days; glory days of a bygone era, which the photographic World has moved well beyond it now -- you know film based corporations going bust etc etc

They say without actual data: "it is all clever thinking and mythology"

Have you read the specs of the recent releases of the Canon & Nikon Cameras ?

Have you shot a medium format digital ? -- have you compared the dynamic range to a DSLR camera ?

Your aversion to technological advances is a phobia Jensen -- really you should consider a visit to your shrink.

It is also hilarious that you use "logic chomping" to find meaning in art -- I laughed so much, that I could not finish my earl grey tea.

just what are we to make of your pedantic, predictable, plodding logic thinking -- no intuition, fluidity, no multi dimensional thinking or relationships in our art processes ?

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