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Roger Nordstrom

Hi Brooks,

I normally read LensWork Daily on Google Reader but I popped over to your blog to recommend it to my Facebook friends and fans. I was hoping to see a Share button that I could easily press. You may be staying away from all of those Share type buttons and that's fine. It might help adding them to make it easier for us Facebook readers to easily share your comments.

Just a thought. Now I'll copy and paste your latest into a wall post.

Andy Garcia

Hi Brooks,

Quite a few people are already posting about Lenswork over on Google+;



What this web site/forum needs perhaps is new recruitment; younger talent, more than one voice talking about the image making craft.

Say, a panel of emerging photographers giving their opinions on their creative process and the equipment they use -- yes cameras too! ( what they can and can't do ; for example your earlier podcast on the sony camera you used and how it compares now to the new available tools; would your approach be different now to the palette of new options and functionality ? or would you ignore these and shoot the same boring predictable way with no chance of growth as an artist because he failed to explore the multiplicity of technical processes available in this post 35mm film age ? )

Hearing one voice all the time sounds boring, like listening to a politician or a used-car salesman repeat his drone. I guess it is human nature to want variety ( and new photography -- not tired old images of yesteryear )

Ramp up the expert commentary as a suggestion for your first step.

Leigh Youdale, Sydney.

Well, I'm not sure I agree with Nicos - I don't find the content boring at all. I am, though, slightly disconcerted by the current focus on technology - whether digital cameras or tablet devices - but I'm a bit of a troglodyte in that I shoot film, only black & white and develop the negatives myself, but because of dust problems I find it difficult to get satisfactory results from my darkroom print setup, so I scan, do post production like spotting, cropping etc in the iMac and then print digitally. Not quite kosher but the results are satisfactory, and that's all that matters in the end. I don't adopt new equipment or processes unless there's a rock-solid reason to.

But I agree that to use the networking possible with sharing a link on social sites like Facebook offer a multiplier effect that is unattainable by other means.

Andrei Baciu

I constantly share content of „LensWork Daily” via Facebook (especially the podcasts), because this site is for me, along with „LensWork Online”, the most consistent photographic source on the Internet. The fact there is only one voice speaking is under no circumstances boring. On the contrary, it brings coherence and depth.


I draw so much inspiration from Lenswork, the least I can do is help publicise it. Please, please don't set up a panel of folk commenting on cameras!


I agree with Roger. A share button could help. I've found a lot if photo based sites because a friend, or page shared the content on Facebook. I also think an expanded social media presence would help. Even a forty year old like myself has a lot of interaction with Facebook during the day.

Many people (including your future audience/subscribers) have moved from scrolling through their browser bookmarks to "news feeds."

Robert Swiderski

I think everyone who is a lover of fine art photography should have LensWork Daily on their daily/weekly reading list. We all know the printed magazine is in a class of its own. I shared this with all my Facebook friends and will post about it on DWF, a community of over 5000 pro photographers. Brooks, I hope you'll continue to share your views. You've become an important part of my personal photographic journey. Thanks!

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