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Andy Garcia

Brooks, thank YOU for the quality content, and the focused approach on photography and the creative process. I would not like it any other way, and is in fact why I happily subscribe to both LW Extended and LW Online. And might I add that Lenswork Daily is gem all to itself.

Please, keep up the great work!

Andy Garcia

Jim Bullard

And thanks back at you Brooks. I can only speak for myself but I appreciate what you do. I do hope however that should it ever become a choice between accepting ads and folding your tents that you will not be so ideologically committed to not accepting ads that you would deprive me of LENSWORK.

Vartkes Peltekoglu

And the core philosophy of LensWork is the reason why it is so uniquely valuable.
As a way of establishing context to my comments, let me say that I subscribe to six photog publications, read several sites every other day minimum (including the fellow Canadian's site) and buy about two dozen carefully selected photography books per year - (this may be the last year that I buy paper-version of books since super tablets of the non-Apple kind are on the way).
If I find myself in the poor-house one day, LensWork Online will be the last publication I will let go.
Keep on with the the very valuable contributions you make to the photography tribe. This content will live as your legacy for the art form long after we have both gone to a better place where the dynamic range is much wider and the cameras can capture it all!

Aleksei Saunders

As others have said - Thank you Brooks.
Thank you for the images, the inspiration, the thoughtfulness and the wisdom.


Vitali Prokopenko

Lenswork is the only photo magazine I'm still subscribed. My respect to you Brooks for keeping it true to photography.

Henkki Zakkinen

Those stats need careful interpretation in any way. I have the nagging feeling that the number of hits and the number of attempted spam comments is tightly correlated, at least I can say that for my site. What does that tell me about my visitors?
I'll stay on the list of your online-subscribers, definitely. And I hate too much advertisement. So bravo!

Lidija Ivanek (SiLa)

"We had faith in all of you who, like us, are more interested in photography than photographic equipment. We had faith that there was a place in the market for a family of products that celebrated the image rather than the gear it takes to make it."
Thank you!

Robert Swiderski

Lenswork has always been and will always be close to my heart. The work Lenswork introduced me to and the ideology Lenswork stands for, was a huge influence on who I am as a photographer today. When I need inspiration, I can look at issue 98 or issue 8. Both are equally important and meaningful.

To me, Lenswork is always about the soul of (fine art) photography. It will never date, it will always be inspiring and I am thrilled to see that this approach has not and is not changing. This is what makes Lenswork - Lenswork. Never disposable and always relevant. Thank you Brooks and Maureen!

Mark Matheny

Brooks, there's not much I can add that hasn't already been said in the previous comments, including;

Thank you!

John Barclay


John - Visual Notebook

All I can add is that Lenswork has been my favorite magazine for five years now and I can't see that changing anytime soon. Thanks for the great publication!

Andrei Baciu

Same here! A heartfelt 'Thank you' goes to you from me too!

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