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Henkki Zakkinen

Congrats on both, despite of you not fishing ;)

Jim Bullard

Happy birthday anyway youngster (I'm in my 68th year).

I like the corrected aphorism. Mere repetition won't lead to improvement and success. It's just following a rut.


Almost 800 podcasts, seems that you have a lot to say ...

However, for me they are more of your personal audio diary; a record of you thinking out aloud -- a kind of documenting your creative insights about photographic environmnet over the years. It can be interesting listening to your podcasts.

I am looking for in these podcasts is true independent, original thinking, but often I find rehashed, recycled themes - this is not necessarily bad, its like revisiting old ground covered before with a little more depth of experience sprinkled on the same serving.

Maybe we should all do podcasts as our personal record of our journey too, as it beats writing things down.


Contrary to the speed of light, the amount of time spent is not a constant. In fact you're saying: if you double the amount of time, you'll get twice as much result (4x) compared to when you'd double the effort (2x). Sounds reasonable to me.

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