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Peter Martin

What happens if the 2 camera bodies are not identical? They'll have different menus and configuration parameters. What if the different lenses require different settings? Any attempt by one camera and lens to replicate the setup of another is bound to lead to differences which will be either hidden from you or tedious to deal with in the field. It's like two different address book apps trying to exchange data.

I agree with you on the need for storing profiles of different parameter sets. All serious cameras should provide this today, but they don't. And why stop at 3 profiles? Sheesh!

Godfrey DiGiorgi

It would be great if all manufacturers' cameras could at least create a configuration profile saved to the storage card. That way you could at least share them between like models by transferring them through the storage card.

The Ricoh GXR system (which I'm using a lot these days) has the ability to create up to six custom configuration profiles in-camera and (with the A12 Camera Mount for M-bayonet lenses) the ability to store six more custom profiled on the storage card. Using that, I can create an infinite number of different profiles by saving off each set of six and storing them with intelligible names, and i can share them between GXR bodies. The ones on the card can be read into the internal storage and then replaced with another set of six, allowing up to 12 custom profiles to be available for instant use. It's a darn neat capability.

I seem to recall some of the higher-end Olympus, Nikon and Canon bodies allow you to manipulate and set up control configurations when tethered to their desktop control software too. This can make creating setups much easier.

Jeroen M

Some cameras have had this ability for many years. At least the "save settings to" and "load setting from" a memory card.
My Canon 1DsII (about 8 years old) has it.
But I'm not aware of any "non-pro-level"-camera which can do so.

Simone Paoletti


please look at this:
< http://cpn.canon-europe.com/content/education/masterclass/custom_function_sets.do >

at the end it addresses right the function to register settings in a card.

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