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John Holmes

Aren't many photo blogs already like that? See: http://stevemccurry.com/blog/feeding-world

Dave Ciskowski

The most direct implementation would be a single scrolling photo. You'd have to find a subject that works in a hugely stretched aspect ratio, and also makes sense when you view it one section at a time. My first reaction is that it would be doable but fiendishly difficult to conceive and execute.

But in terms of presenting a sequence of images? As John says, it's basically a photo blog. See for example http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/ -- their galleries all host a few dozen photos in direct linear progression.

Jim Bullard

The one long page format is Web 1.0. They all used to be like that. Here <http://www.northnet.org/jimbullard/CoC.htm> is an example of the 'one long page' style site that I had back in the 90s. It is mostly text with small (crude) images so its length varies with how wide you make the browser window. Of course if you do it as a long graphic, that length will be fixed. That page, and a few others of my 'sharelessons' are still hanging around from a site that is long since defunct along with the ISP that I used at the time but the URL <http://www.northnet.org/jimbullard/lessons.htm> still resolves to a server somewhere. I've no idea where.

Andy Garcia

I think Brooks is referring to a representation of an "idea" or for that matter, a monograph in a vertically scrolling format, not just a series of discrete non-connected photographs or thoughts in a vertically scrolling format as in a blog.

Grant wilson

www.pictorymag.com uses a long vertical layout. It's a pleasant read.

Russ Summers

For what it's worth, Brooks, I made a deliberate effort to do exactly the opposite of what you propose when I designed my website (roosterphoto.com). In an effort to mimic the process of composing an image within the frame of my viewfinder, even the text portions of my pages are constrained to what fits on the screen, i.e., there is not a single scroll bar anywhere on my site. For what it's worth.


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