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It truly is a marvelous image. I have but one questions (which is limited to my visual understanding here on Earth). Where is the light source (Sun) in relation to the Earth in this image? Is there something I'm not understanding in why is is not drawing a shadow if the Sun is anywhere but behind camera view?

Jim Bullard

The sun is behind the camera as Kodak always advised. It would not have to be very far out of line with the space craft to have the shadow fall outside the Earth's orb. Even if it were directly behind, the craft is so small that its shadow would be too small to be seen. To cast a visible shadow it would have to eclipse the sun over a span of hundreds of miles on the Earth's surface.


This is the only image of the entire Earth I can remember where one can see the atmosphere. It is truly amazing how thin it really is and without it there would be no life on this glorious planet (at least the kind we are used to)!

Glenn Guy

To be honest I just want to roll it over and have a look at things down my end of the world.

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