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Neil Tribe

Hi Brooks,

Absolutely. It's all about perspective. I hate that feeling you get the night before the first morning of a cold. Knowing you are going to wake up the next morning to a week of misery. I always try to use colds as a reminder not to take my health for granted, that I have not been seriously ill since I was a few years old, that I am not housebound or facing some overwhelming or debilitating health crisis. Sometimes it even works [smile].

Take care,

Chris Raecker

Don't blame me Brooks. Skype didn't give you my cold. The eConsultation was almost as good as having you in my studio though.
I know your pain.
Take care of yourself, it'll take about a week. Otherwise about seven days.

Jim Natale

No one enjoys capitulating, but don't forget that you might need to see the doc. I had sized up my symptoms same as you summarized--chest cold. My daughter said it was bronchitis. She was correct. Steps beyond OTC remedies were required to resolve the situation. Am now on the way to recovery. Shoulda gone sooner. [end of sermon] Good health and best wishes.

Milicska Jalbert

one or two drops of oregano oil on your tongue morning and night.

you can keep your equipment anyway. I wouldn't like to lose out on your work.


Glenn Guy

Its a shocking state of affairs. What, as a society we'd give to cure the 'so-called' simply cold and flu. I usually tend to get those nastry viruses that hang on for around 6 weeks. Had the last one right up until Christmas. And that's summer down here in the 'Land of AUS'.

But you're a champion Brooks and I know you'll pull through.

It won't be long till you no longer feel the need for napin' cause you'll be having too much fun snappin'.

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