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Hey Brooks,

You could set up your iPad to sync with your Exchange Server, too, if you'd like. It doesn't require an extra app -- you just have to configure 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' to talk to Exchange instead of a POP mail account. Then _everything_ stays in sync -- your desktop, netbook, Android phone and your iPad.


Andy Garcia

Hi Brooks,

I do believe that an official Netflix app is available for Android;



Godfrey DiGiorgi


I hate to say it but it seems like you're even more of a techno-gear-head than I am. ;-)

I received my iPad 2 about the third week of April and just returned from a three week extemporaneous adventure around the USA with it. I found it to be an incredibly useful device, far more useful in general than the laptop or smartphone (had both of those with me too). And it does such a NICE job with LensWork magazine. And shows my photos very nicely too.

So ... YMMV. I'm glad you're enjoying your new Android smart phone. Enjoy it, and stay away from the new tech gizmo listings for peace of mind and security of purse. I mean, really: I'd rather save my sheckles for camera equipment or travel tickets. ;-)

onwards into the fray!


Brooks Jensen

Really? Very cool. Now I've got to see if I can make it work for those times I do carry a briefcase and don't take my netbook.
Isn't this all just so much fun?

Brooks Jensen

Thank you. Thank you. You're right. It works as advertised and I am now fully synced. I'm so synced if I were any more synced I'd be sunk.
I do believe you may have just breathed new life into my iPad. It's still too big for my pocket, but at least it's now not out in the dark, separated from all the other email buddies.

Jon kobeck

I love my iPad 2 and the most functional feature for me is an AP called jump desktop. I can get on to my iMac remotely from the iPad. This makes the iPad a very useful tool. I carry it everywhere. I dont need a bag because it's so thin it just is a breeze to have it in my hand.
I have sold my 13" MacBook Pro and only use the ipad and the iMac now.

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