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Godfrey DiGiorgi

Just finished another bout of tripod buying with a friend myself ...

I also have two tripods and heads:

- Feisol CT3442 Tournament legs ::
I've had these since 2006 and have dragged them all over the world. They pack down into a bag 19x5 inches in size, with an Acratech Ultimate Ball Head and adjustable column fitted, the package weighs 4.2 lbs. I have the cross tube accessory too. Fully extended, including the column, they can get the camera up to about 76" high and are just over my eye level with the column at minimum height. Very sturdy, support 26 lbs, but are somewhat slow in operation.

- Manfrotto 190CFpro3 ::
A compact and light set of legs, very sturdy for their size and very fast operating. I have a Markins Q3 head on them, all up weight is 3.1 lbs, in a bag they are 26 x 3.5 inches collapsed with head installed. They support up to 13 lbs IIRC. The clever cross-tube gizmo makes it easy to use them for shooting down in a snap. I recall they're about 48" tall when unextended.

I use the Manfrottos most of the time for their speed and when I don't need the elevation.

Mark Olwick

Usually the mantra is small/lightweight/compact - pick two, but I think I found the holy trinity in one tripod. I use the Induro CT014 and it is absolutely wonderful. It fits easily into a carry-on bag, is light weight carbon fiber, sturdy as hell, has the quick lock quarter-turn legs (a la Gitzo) all at half the price of a Gitzo. I'm 6 ft tall and it also rises to the perfect height for me as well. I compared the Induro side by side with the Gitzo and, regardless of price, liked the Induro better. Highly recommended.

vartkes peltekoglu

In too am an Induro carbon-fibre legs fan!! excellent products form one of the world's largest man-made materials manufacturer. I also bought their ball-head; it is almost as good as the legs. However when it comes to ball-heads my choice is Kirk > even though it is heavier than Induro. As for Gitzo products while top-of-the-line quality, they will soon price themselves out of the market, since they no loonger have unique differentiation from their competition.

Mark Kinsman

I second the Feisol tripods. I've had my Tournament CT3342 for over 2 years of moderate use from Badlands to Ice - very light weight - solid and reasonable Carbon Fiber. Only complaint is the rubber feet - lost a few in deep snow/grasses - removed mine and use metric screws (<$2.00 total) for "spikes" works great or you can spend a few bucks more and buy the official spikes. Their spikes are quite nice - friend of mine has them on his 4 section version of the Tournament(he's a convert to Feisol after seeing my tripod).

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