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Godfrey DiGiorgi

Hi Brooks,

I think everyone I know has had some successes and failures in assembling the right collection of Bluetooth devices to support their needs. Wireless communication protocols are a complex subject ...

My own experience has been fairly positive: I use a couple of Apple keyboards and mice, a telephone headset, a stereo headset, and a set of portable stereo speakers for presentations that all integrate seamlessly with my Apple desktop, laptop, Motorola L2 phone, iPod Touch (4th gen) and iPad 2 systems. The phone works beautifully with the hands-free system integrated with my car stereo system too. I don't use Bluetooth to transfer files ... 803.11 WiFi and 3G cellular connection protocols work much better for that purpose when going wireless.

If you'd like to know more about Bluetooth technology itself, Wikipedia has a good primer and a list of references to much more in-depth information:

fun fun fun ... :-)


Mike E.

Greetings Brooks,
By chance is there a microwave oven operating in your vicinity when you are using Bluetooth devices? Even a small microwave can cause so much RF noise in the frequency range that Bluetooth (and Wifi for that matter) use that your devices may be affected. The problem will also appear random since you may not know the oven is in use in another room.

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