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Dennis Allshouse from my iPad.

Seriously, why bother with so many images?

michael matthews

What kind of camera was used?

I'm trying to understand the lens distortion...blooming to the left and right like a wide angle lens. And that's at a lens setting equivalent to 90 mm?

Kevin Shea

I attended a Panoramic Photography convention in Napa Valley about 10 years ago. I felt reignited. Now, the panoramic option shares space with the macro lens. Hard to come home empty handed.

You'll find that it just takes a bit of practice to stand in one spot and "see" the pano result. You get a decent preview by quickly scrolling through the multiple shots that you just took.

Scott Hendershot


Thanks for sharing your first experiences with the panohead. It is a treat to get a glimpse of the shipyard you so often talk about.

As you know I'm not doing panoramas per se but I have answered so many questions on my process that I did a write up on my work flow for using a panohead and stitching.


All the best,


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