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Here's another reference I found useful...


Bottom line: consider sizing photos at 2304 x 1536 to allow for zooming.


Godfrey DiGiorgi

Hi Brooks,

Absolutely true. To scale very large (4000x3000 pixel) images down to 1024x768, a standardized algorithm has to lose something. Whenever I do that with LR or PS or whatever, I have to resharpen for that output pixel dimension to maintain the perceptual quality of the image and tune that sharpening to the particular image.

Similarly, scaling up has its losses too.

For a display that gives people the ability to "zoom in a small amount", what I've found is that scaling and finishing my work to 1168x876 pixel dimensions works well for the iPad with minimal losses. If you don't recognize the numbers, that's scaling up 1024x768 by the square root of 2, doubling the number of total pixels. The transform back to 1024x768 for full frame display nets little loss this way.

Experiment and see what works best for you. :-)

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