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Steven Maniscalco

I remember the first time I saw a shot of Ansel Adams on his car. I'd just gotten back from a vacation where I put dents in my roof doing the same thing without a platform.
I was very pleased to find I'd come up with the same idea as a master. I was less pleased with the dents.
Great idea, making that trailer.

Jim Bullard

Are you going to outfit the trailer for camping too?

Ron Brown

Nice idea, however I always end up turning around on the highway. Usually after the lag between seeing something and my brain reacting. It's a big joke around here that it takes me 6 hours to drive what others do in 2hrs 30min. Turning around with this will be a problem. I compromised and bought a full size van. I think it's about my 4th. They all had roof platforms except my last one and I think about every time I go out.

Chuck Kimmerle

I usually carry a six-foot, fiberglass extension ladder when on the road . I do lose the ability to use a tripod normally, but keeping the legs together makes an acceptable and quite stable monopod, which is not perfect, but a much better option than not getting the shot at all.

Dave Kosiur

Charlie Waite often wrote of using a ladder during his travels through Europe. The added height certainly does provide a new view!


I've carried a little two-step Rubbermaid thing with me for years, but never what you'd call a real ladder. I did look at the Home Depot website, but the 12-ft Werner fiberglass ladder was $260. For not much more, my camera will be at 12-ft off the ground on top of the trailer and I'll feel a lot safer than I would be perched at the top of a 12-foot ladder whose feet will be in the dirt. Yikes.


We thought long and hard about camping RVs or even outfitting this trailer for camping, but decided against it. I fear my camping days may be behind me. Roughing it for me is now limited to picnicking on paper plates by the side of the river and then returning to the motel for a hot shower and a comfortable bed. Age does have it privileges, although I do admit I miss cross-country wilderness backpacking. My knees, however, do not.

Frank Gorga

Those of use who are mainly wildlife photographers also like to "get high"! ;-)

We do this in order to get an eye level perspective with some subjects.

My solution is a pickup truck and toolbox as seen here: http://www.gorga.org/blog/wp-content/gallery/misc-june-10/dsc_5556.jpg. (I know it doesn't look very remote, but there is an osprey nest at the edge of this high school parking lot.)

In my view, this solution has an advantage over pulling a trailer in that I can get to some really remote places; places that I would hesitate to go towing a trailer.

This is allows me to compensate, at least partially, for the condition of my knees!

I am, however, not ready to give up camping... yet.

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