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Wow, thanks for the information! I was just preparing a book of B&W images to be printed by Blurb. I think I'll just put together a folio.

Neil Enns

Completely agree with everything Brooks said in his reply (and it's fun to say "said" and have it really mean "said"!)

A friend of mine did a very detailed review of all the major consumer-grade photo book suppliers earlier in the year. You can read all the details at http://forums.thoughtsmedia.com/f258/great-photo-book-round-up-review-who-makes-best-photo-books-97676.html.

Personally I've done one book through Blurb (http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1166997). I spent months putting it together and have ordered somewhere around 10 copies since I finished it. I had very inconsistent results, with some copies coming out beautifully and others just awful. Blurb was happy to do re-prints for me when the results were bad, but those were only for ones I could see. I couldn't see the results when others ordered a copy, so who knows what they got.

When I care about real image quality my preference is to do folios. I can produce the prints myself and be guaranteed the print quality is there.



"Jump Starting the Creative Idea"...needing a spark of inspiration, or validity in what I am doing as a photographer and where I am headed...I always turn to your podcasts...you are the small (or perhaps large} voice in my head that tells me it's okay..you can feel that way...or get going!! When I just need the extra push..I just play some on your podcasts and I am back on track...you have a way of connecting....you offer something we all can identify with ...you are a gift..


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