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Andrei Baciu

Thank you very much for your answer, dear Mr Jensen! I was hoping you would say that... There is some kind of a current in my part of the world stating the respective idea, so I wanted to hear what you had to say about it.
'LensWork' is, for me, the source that shows and speaks about photography in the most profound and deeply human way I know. Thank you once again and keep up this great work!

Henkki Zakkinen

I am just an amateur, at times enthusiastic may be, but always confronted with lack of time and money I can invest into photography. And in less inspired moments, the question above pops up accompanied with another one: "why should I ever achieve anything good in photography of all people?" But up to now, I always gave me an answer which kind of extends yours: "Have I made all good photos I can make?" - "Definitely not!" I found out that I am more enthusiastic and creative the less I care about other people, the less I censor my own ideas by thinking: "oh, that has been done before, and by so-and-so, who probably did it much better than I will ever do."

Love listening to your podcasts, very encouraging! Thanks

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