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Ian Walls

Hi Brooks,
I will be following this tread with great interest. I really want to leave my laptop behind when travelling but havnt convinced myself that an Ipad is quite enough.
Have you given any thought to internet connection when there is no wireless? Many of the hotels I stay in have network connections in room but no wireless.


For extended travel I'd consider a Sony X-series.

Owin Thomas

Brooks, I'm glad you're seeing the possibilities of the iPad.

I was in a similar position and thought about a Dropbox account for the iPad and the Mac at home. Load the images from the cards to the iPad Dropbox, instantly backed-up to the cloud and sync'd back home on my Mac's Dropbox. Unfortunately when I was looking into this Dropbox didn't support raw files which I usually shoot, but backing up jpegs is possible this way.

Isn't technology wonderful? ;-)

Brooks Jensen

Agreed, wireless can be a bit dicey. In my travels, however, I more often find wireless and less frequently find wired. I think it might be a function of large urban (wired) versus out in the boonies (wireless). Inner-Mongolia? Anyone's guess, so the iPad could be a bit of a gamble unless I can get an answer from the hotel before I leave.

Brooks Jensen

I actually tried a cloud backup routine last year in Japan and China and found it inadequate. I'd let the netbook churn away all night long while I slept, but in the morning would find it had not yet uploaded all the file. Gigabytes and cloud storage just aren't a good combination.

Brooks Jensen

What a sweet looking machine! I'll do some more research. It's primary disadvantage right off the top would be that, unlike the iPad and the netbook, I don't own it. Maybe Sony needs a field tester? ;-)

Steve K

Thanks Brooks for posting this. I followed your advice for a recent trip to Japan (netbook, portable hard drive backup -- also tried to learn a bit of Japanese before I left!) and it worked great! Loading images to lightroom, tagging and keywording/captioning at the end of each day was great to do to make sure I had recorded details of the day's shoot while still fresh in my mind.

Does Lightroom run on the iPad?

Brooks Jensen

iPad and Lightroom? Nope. Not a prayer.

Steve K

I don't think I'd give up having lightroom on the road.

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