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Jacek Luc

Hello, what is "ppoci"?

Robert Hoehne

your typing is on par with mine, actually no, it is worse.


Interesting post, but is it really fair to judge accuracy by the percentage basis that you do ?

When the recognition software fails, it would seem a lot more difficult to track back and figure out what you meant, whereas in correcting manual typing errors, the word may be misspelt, but ultimately much of the word is there to be corrected.

Scott Jones

I have been dabbling with version 11 and like and dislike it. It seems very accurate when it is working. But I find that sometimes when it has been asleep for awhile while I am doing something else, it either takes several minutes to wake up or crashes, especially if working in Outlook. Also one has to physically put on the headgear/microphone and the wire dangles around me. (have not gotten a blutooth set yet.)

So I find that I like it, but often times it is just quicker to type the dang note. If I am doing lots of typing however and not just ltttle bits here and there, then it works great. Hmmmm, still unsettled.

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