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Dave Kosiur

Are you sure that Photogene is working on your RAW files, and not a JPEG created from the RAW file? I was under the impression that all iPAd photo apps can only edit the JPEGs.

I just tried editing a RAW file using Photogene and then sending the resulting file to myself via email. The only attached file was a JPEG, not the RAW...

Dave Kosiur

One more thing -- I too have been bitten by the $.99 (or more!) unusable app bug as well. Now,I pay more attention to app reviews -- from iPhone Central and Macworld -- before even thinking of buying a new app for my iPad.

Mark Matheny

The day you posted a description of how you use OneNote I spent the entire evening looking for what seemed like a perfect app. for my iPhone. Obviously, to no avail.

Joshua Archer

Hello Brooks,

Have you had a look at Moe's Notepad? There are two apps, one for the iPhone and one for the iPad. You want the iPad one.

I think it has the capabilities you want, i haven't tried it myself though. At £2.99 (or your equivalent $4.99) it could be worth a look...


Brooks Jensen

I used the Camera Connection kit to upload images from my camera card. The only files on the card are RAW files. When I then went to email one of them directly from the Photos built-in APP, the attachment to the email was indeed a RAW file in the same format as my camera — curiously renamed, but still a RAW file. I would like to concluded that what Photogene is doing is working on the RAW file to make the "saved" JPGs I create after fussing with them in Photogene. There may be, however, something going on behind the scenes where Photogene converts the imported RAW file and then that is what is worked on in the software. Sort of a Camera RAW conversion before editing?

I'm not sure I care in the final analysis. I would not use Photogene or the iPad for serious work, but only for doing quick email images from the road, perhaps a blog post image, or just to see what the potential is for an image. In any case, not final, not finished artwork. Better to leave that for back home with the big guns like PS or LR and the calibrated monitor.


Jeff in Boston

This is the one thing I really dislike about the iPad, desperately trying to duplicate functionality that you already have on your laptop. If you really want to do all this fancy stuff on the road perhaps you are better off taking your netbook with you after all. Many Mac users that where initially excited about the iPad are now opting for the new Macbook Air for this reason. I know... it never ends.

George Purvis

Hi Brooks,

I'm confused. My version of MobileNoter (2.3.1) does allow recording of audio. When you open a page, it's under the pencil-page (compose?) icon in the top right. When you tap it, it is replaced with 4 icons, the left one has the microphone. It works for me.

I imagine they will provide the ability to add pages in the future, but in the meantime, I just create extra blank pages in my notebooks on the Windows platform. It's a workaround, not a solution.


George Purvis

Hi Brooks,

BTW, did you know that the iPad will use a USB microphone connected through the camera connection kit USB port?


Brooks Jensen

USB mic? Very nice. I'll try that tonight. Here's a weird thought: I wonder if I can use my Zoom H2 recorder in USB mic mode. [Hint: Podcasts from the road!]

Dave Kosiur

You're right, Brooks. Emailing a photo from within the Photos app does send the RAW file. Sending a file from Photogene or Filterstorm (another of my favorites -- it has a Lightroom-like adjustment brush) sends only a JPEG.

Brooks Jensen

The USB mic test worked, and very well at that. My Zoom H2 recorder has a "USB Mic" option for when it connects via USB and, by golly, the iPad recognized it as such. Obviously, this improves the audio quality considerably rather than using the iPads built-in mic. Nice to know it has this capability. So, I'm now off to search for audio editing software for the iPad — and hoping this isn't pushing the envelope too far.


It sounds like you've been seduced by the iPad and desperately want to take it with you to Mongolia, but it's just not up to the job yet.

Is all this time and money worth it when you know that your netbook performed so well in China? !


David Lankford

It is my understanding that Parallels 6 for Mac now has an iPad version that would allow for a virtual Windows machine on your iPad which would allow you to run OneNote. Obviously you would need the Windows and Office licenses.

iPad insurance

I delete it and get pissed. In the iPad world, I guess I'm supposed to be compensated by the fact that the APPs are so inexpensive.

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