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Mark Bailey

I travel a lot for work. I got the iPhone when it first came out, just as one of my half dozen devices (Palm) crashed. Instead of replacing it, I got the iPhone. It does everything that the other devices can do, often better, and many more things that none of them can do. Moreover, I now have one device, always with me in my pocket, always on, instead of six devices taking up space in my brief case or rucksack. I have one sixth the hassle. I have one sixth recharging to do. I have one sixth of the rechargers to pack and explain at airport security! The iPhone suits me well, but the same experience would happen with any smart phone replacing all the other stuff.

Douglas R Winn

I've found the same as you....a one-stop shop that "does it all" usually doesn't do any of it as well as I want. There is always a compromise....somewhere. Mark makes a point to say that he has 1/6 the hassles, and I'll bet that is correct for him. ...but with me, I seem to find that I get 1/6 the performance and am disappointed 5/6 of the time, and then I'm right back to using the stuff that really works, has the right amount of battery, memory, processing power, and muscle that I find I need.

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