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Robert Hoehne

Brilliant idea Brooks, thanks

Douglas R Winn

I like it!

Andy Garcia

Brooks, you continue to amaze me with your creativity. Keep up the great work, and as always, thanks!

Antoine Morin

I love it. But, what's not to like? The ability to search past responses... Full text search of email messages is something I would not want to loose.

Brooks Jensen

Prepare to be amazed. Believe it or not, OneNote as an option to "Enable searching audio and video recordings for words." No kidding! Don't ask me how it does this, but it works.

It does slow down searching for simple text, so I only turn it on when I need to find something I said in a voice email or an untranscribed audio note. Nonetheless, it does find search terms inside audio files. Not perfect, but good enough that I haven't been frustrated using it.

Scott Jones

Thanks Brooks for your great response to my email response to you! I too use OneNote at your suggestion and REALLY love it.

But I wonder after reading this, why you take the intermediate step of using OneNote for these audio repsonses. Why not just record your response and attach it to the eail? Why keep a second copy and page in OneNote? My Outlook email program has full macro (signature) capabilities for inserting standard text blocks or phrases and the date is automatically generated of course in your response.

This way you only have one place for emails. I don't see the advantage of using OneNote in this situation.


Scott Jones

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