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Aaron Shetland

Also handy is the ability to set defaults relative to the ISO. It's a setting in the Preferences. Automatically having noise reduction and sharpening set with specifics for each ISO can be handy if you find yourself shooting at different ISOs a lot.

Randall Hull

Thank you for this post. Makes me wonder what else in lightroom is hidden or misunderstood.


Also, if an image is at the default values—whether it's been just imported or subsequently reset—it doesn't show the little thumbnail badge indicating custom adjustments, whereas applying a standard, custom preset would add the badge to all images.

Oh, and to set your own custom values for the defaults, just press the Alt key and the Reset button changes "Set Default..." And, as Aaron alluded to, check the appropriate boxes in Edit>Preferences>Presets, then do this for every camera/ISO combination for the most control.

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